Painting 101

Art class was never one of the classes that I excelled at in school. I was always interested in talking and cutting up, so I was never willing to apply myself to learn the finer arts. As I have grown older I have regretted that decision in my life. I am now 31 years old and I have decided that I am going to start taking a few classes at the community college. I already have a master’s level degree so I am not interested in attaining more education. What I really want to do is to understand the methods and the moods behind painting. I can recall when I was in school learning about Picasso and Rembrandt. I can recall a few names of the very famous artists, but I cannot recall why they painted or what they painted. So I signed up for a painting 101 class.

In this class we were introduced to a variety of painters of all the ones that I learned about, Van Gogh is probably my favorite. I never knew that he painted The Starry Night picture. I have seen this painting many times and I have often thought it was crazy. In reality, it was a very personal and a very passionate portrait. The idea behind the picture is that there is a cosmic war going on all the time. Even as we lie sleeping in our beds, surrounded by the comfort of our small towns, there is a battle that rages in the world. This was a wonderful painting that has really touched me in my soul. I never knew that painting would be so impactful to me but it really is. Because of this revelation, I have started painting as well.

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