My Favorite Types Of Painting

I have been interested in painting for many years. While some people will think that just applies to painting pictures like the more famous artists of the world, I would say it also includes just plain painting. I love the process of applying liquid color. I think it is fun to apply color and I think it changes everything about an object when the color is added or changed. The first thing that I ever painted was a model car. I was so interested in all the proper colors and I wanted to make sure that I was using the proper technique. I spent almost 3 hours painting a model car that should have been painted in less than 20 minutes. But I was interested in the details. Always remember that the details are what make a picture pretty. Without the details we are left with a smudge and a blur. If your eyes did not offer crisp detail you would buy glasses. This is why details matter in painting.

When it comes to painting I have several styles and types that I like but the first is house painting. Most people hate the idea of painting a home but I have to admit that I love it. I like the peace and tranquility that it offers and I like the fact that t offers a huge canvas so to speak. I would have to say that the second type of painting that I like the most is abstract. I like the way that people like Picasso have been able to make the odd and strange seem like real art. It takes real skill to make something look like nothing and then call it art. Finally, I love to paint graffiti. I am not sure why but I find this painting style to be liberating and fun. The skill required is tremendous and I would think these are the most talented painters in the world.

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