Inspiration For Painting

I have been in love with the art form of painting for many years. As a young boy I was not aware that there were so many different areas of painting. However as I have aged I have learned that the painting world is something that can offer hundreds of options. There are ways to paint with different colors and different mediums. I love that the painting world can use charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolors, oil based paint, and a plethora of other options. I have loved painting for so long that it has become second nature at this point. I feel as if the brush is just an extension of my hand and my brain as well. There was a time when a picture would enter my mind and no matter how long I worked and tried I could not get that image on the canvas. However I now have enough experience that I can make almost anything I can dream of. I love that. So allow me to explain some of the inspirations I find in painting.

The first thing that brings inspiration to me in painting is the medium I am using. I have found that different canvas types as well as different bases have given me the chance to be inspired in different ways. I love painting on canvas but I also like to paint on walls as well as concrete. It can be liberating to push the boundaries and to reach new levels of artistic achievement. Another form of inspiration is my family. I have found that their weird behavior as well as their old world mindset have made it easier for me to paint and to make amazing art. Painting is not limited to your area or your life. Allow other people to influence you as well.

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