Prepping for a Commercial Painting Project

Deciding that you want to have the interior or exterior of your business repainted is both exhilarating and stressful. It’s exhilarating because the new paint is an economical way to make the building feel new and fresh, something that has the potential to draw new customers. It’s stressful because the process can be hard on you, the painters you’ve hired, and your employees. The good news is that the disruption can be decreased with some advance preparation.

Deciding what color you want your building to be painted and what dates you want the work to be done is just one aspect of the process. Have the commercial painters you’ve hired look at the building and provide you with information about how much paint will have to be stripped, what furniture will have to be moved and covered, and how many coats of new paint the job will require. Not only does this information make an accurate estimate possible, but it also allows you and the painter to calculate how much time the project will take.

Check with local officials and find out whether or not you need to get any permits or have the place inspected after it’s been painted. Make sure whoever you speak to looks up the law regarding your type of business since the regulations for a laundry mat are going to be different from a grocery store, restaurant, or law office

Sit down with your employees and discuss whether or not the business will stay open while the painting work is completed. If you decide to close your doors until the after the paint has dried you’ll have to determine whether or not your employees will be paid for the time off. You’ll also have to let your customers know what dates you’ll be closed. Good luck!

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