Learning from My Experiences as a Canvas Artist and the V2 Cigs Review

If you’re looking for someone who can mass produce 700 hundred canvas messenger bags with your business logo on them, I’m not your girl. But if you’re looking for someone who has the ability to turn a pair of canvas shoes or a backpack into a work of art, you and I will get along just fine. There are a few things I’ve learned in the ten years I’ve been creating canvas art in my studio.

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I’m lucky that I have a day job that allows me to dress casually because I always wear something I’ve created. My favorite pair of jeans has an elaborate purple and teal paisley design. I have a several pairs of shoes that have imitations of Van Gogh’s work. And all of my t-shirts and jackets have been painted. The great thing is that not only do I constantly have people commenting on my sense of style, but often these casual conversations in the grocery store line or as I leave my job lead to me being offered a commission.

Some People Are Never Happy

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, I run into someone who, for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to please. When if first started creating canvas art, these unhappy patrons really bothered me, but over the years, I’ve discovered that in most cases it’s not me and not even them, but rather that we just don’t have the same taste in art or can’t communicate properly. In most cases, I’m able to match the person up with a fellow canvas artist who is able to create exactly what the customer wants.

Keep Accurate Records

Although I’ve always been diligent about handling my taxes, when it comes to my canvas art, I’ve never been particularly good about keeping records of how much I spend on my supplies and how much I charge my clients. As long as I made a little money I figured everything was hunky dory. Boy, did my attitude change the year I got audited by the IRS. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Nothing too terrible came out of the experience, but I learned a valuable lesson and now I keep accurate records of my earnings and expenses and meet with a tax accountant once a year.

Stay Away from Cigarettes

I’m not much of a smoker, but nicotine helps get my creative juices flowing whenever I’m stuck. The problem is that even the smallest trace of cigarette smoke can cling to canvas. I found a simple solution by making sure I only use electronic cigarettes when I need some creative inspiration. I learned about ecigs through a V2 Cigs review I edited for a friend. I also saw you could get it for less with coupons at http://www.cocktailnerd.com/coupons/ so keep that in mind.

After editing the V2 Cig review piece for him, I was so intrigued and grilled him. In addition to confirming all the information he’d included in the V2 Cig review, such as the fact they were easy to use, tasted great, and were well made, he also told me how the vapor was completely odorless. The next day I ordered a starter kit and now I couldn’t be happier.

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