Has Modern Art Taken Away the Skill Behind Art?

I recently got the chance to visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoyed most of the exhibits, but I have to say the modern art portion was completely lost on me. There was literally a drawing of fly paper. Someone seriously drew a picture with an ink pen of fly paper, and this was considered great modern art.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy good art. Still, this display of lackluster talent made me wonder if the talent or skill in art is being lost due to modern art. A baby could sneeze on a canvas and this would be considered art. Where is the skill? Where is the talent? Has all that was considered art now just some archaic expression of a time gone by? Marble sculptures now seem ancient compared to the pile of refuse considered to be modern art.

I also saw a mock-up of a teenagers bedroom. There was this little alcove where a fake teenage girl’s bedroom was the entire exhibit. Really? Go to any house in America and you can see the same thing for free. How can this be considered art? This is just fodder for that teenage girl to not clean her room in an effort to not have her artistic talent stifled.

Where is the line of what is considered art? Does it have to take a certain amount of time or talent? I just think there ought to be some sort of definition. Then again, I can see a lot of people saying that this is what art is, no definition required.

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