Taking Fine Arts Out of School

With all the budget cuts to public schools in this country it is no wonder that the arts are the first thing to go with the budget belt gets tightened. This is a travesty in our country. There are cynics who think that arts do not teach kids anything of real value, and to them I say, “You wouldn’t know value from hue if it weren’t for the arts!” The arts are so vital for well rounded kids that to take away this component of their development is just unfair. We do them a disservice when we take the arts out of schools.

Fine arts like painting and sculpture teach kids fine motor skills needed to have the best chances to fully develop properly. Painting gives kids with ADD and ADHD an outlet for that energy in such a way that gives them a creative and healthy venue to do so.

Music, like fine arts, give children the ability to learn rhythm and meter which studies have show helps in their reading skills and speech development. While learning to read music has been linked to higher reading comprehension scores.

Drama give kids a safe place to let their imaginations run free. This kind of free imagination allows students the opportunity to develop key parts of their brains that will be crucial in science and mathematics in the future.

So why would anyone want to take the arts out of schools when the benefits for keeping kids involved are so numerous? The only reason I can see is that politicians who have no idea of the educational benefits are making laws that simply don’t help the kids and only help the bottom line. But our kids are more than a bottom line.

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