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√When using WhatsApp GB, the official WhatsApp will stop working until you log back in again. Conversations opened in the official messenger will not migrate to WhatsApp GB when using WhatsApp GB, so if you want to protect important chat messages, please back up your conversations or do not uninstall the official messenger app to protect your chat history.★

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⒣With GB WhatsApp download Pro, you can see which messages have been withdrawn by the other person, and the mod version allows messages that have been deleted by the other person to remain on your page. This means that even if the person's chat box shows that they have withdrawn their message, it is visible to you, even though they deleted it several hours ago. GB WhatsApp Pro also allows you to see the status of people who have been deleted within 24 hours.ⅳ

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⒨If you're not just satisfied with the functionality of the regular original WhatsApp, but want new features that the official WhatsApp lacks, then GBWhatsApp Latest Version is right for you. There are many new features on top of the official WhatsApp. Whether you are a working person or a student, there is something for everyone. And GBWhatsApp is constantly being updated with new features⇄

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Ⓗyou need to make sure that you have backed up all your data (if you have used the official WhatsApp before, make sure you remember to do so) you need to ensure that you have uninstalled the official WhatsApp before installing the GBWhatsApp need to ensure that you have allowed unknown sources to be installed on your phone.ⓜ

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