My Middle School Art Class

I had heard the rumors but I was not sure if it was true. Our middle school art teacher had been around for years and she was notoriously hard to deal with. If you got on her good side then you would be ok but if you acted up or did anything she didn’t like, you would be in for a hard year. The rumors that swirled around her was the idea that she wore a wig. Now that I am older I understand that this is not a big deal. Many women wear wigs and it really does not have an effect on what I think about a person. But as a young kid this was a huge thing. Not only was it embarrassing but it was insanely funny. So as a middle school student I couldn’t let this go. I had to poke the bear and push the envelope. Needless to say I was not able to get on her good side. I made jokes about hair and I asked questions about wigs.

However there was one day that really made my jokes go away. We were asked to use modeling clay to make clay heads. The faces could be shaped and the finished product would be displayed. I loved this task and I was completely devoted to making the best clay head in the class. She noticed my devotion and this made a huge impact on our relationship. The art was awesome and the finished product looked great. This was an art class that started off bad but by the end of the year we were actually somewhat close. I love art.

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